On February 15, 2010 Monsignor Nicolas visited our new convent St. Mary located in the municipality of La Coquille in the Dordogne recently and came within the jurisdiction of the Autonomous Orthodox Church in Europe. After incardination there is little of Rev Father Patrick in our Church, our Metropolitan visited this beautiful site and met with Father Patrick fate of this convent. Mgr Nicolas confirmed his incardination to Father Patrick and his appointment as head of the parishes of Poitiers and Sainte Marie and authorized the Western rite celebrated course will also regularly celebrated Eastern liturgy that is the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, the convent will be directly Metropolitan rataché in. This place will be in the near future dedicated the training of clergy and adapted for retreats and seminars, of course, the life of the parish will be retained and even powered with an increased presence of activities and offices in the coming weeks ......For the moment Father Patrick is present in Sainte Marie one week a month. Tel: 05 53 52 55 10 Saint Mary Convent 24450 La Coquille.


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