What WCMM Means: www.catholicmedical-gov.org
World Catholic Medical Mission  is small and insignificant as the world judges importance. Yet, the aid of its members with God’s help continues to have great impact on strengthening the faith of the people of Central America and throughout the world. WCMM is a spiritual and voluntary organization with a missionary aim of following Christ’s command, “Go into the whole world, and preach Gospel to every creature.”
CMM Members:
  • appreciate that this comment is not addressed only to bishops, priests, and religious, but to every Christian.
  • know there are over two billion persons – and increasing every day – who have never heard of Christ and His message of salvation.
  • realize how blessed they are in possessing their faith in Christ, and desire to share this grace with others not so fortunate. Hence, they promote the spread of the faith by leading a fully Christian life.
  • believe in the value of prayer, penance, and alms giving as a means to fulfill the “duty of every follower of Christ to spread the faith.”
Through WCMM and its spiritual program its members join to help themselves, each other, and our Catholic Mission missionaries both at home, and in our World Missions.
Dr. Zigmund Ziegler Cohen, Medical Psychiatrist, Neuropsychoanalyst, responsible for the medical department of our Community, and to all those in need, Member of the American College of Physicians, American Academy of Psychiatry and law, American Neuropsychiatry Association, European Psychiatric Association , European Medical Association, World Medical Association, American Academy of Medicine, the American College of Neuropsychoanalysis, American College of Psychosomatic Medicine, World Medical Association, New York Academy of Sciences,  International Neuropsychoanalysis Society in London, Neuropsychoanalysis Foundation, Military Chaplains Associationof United States of America, American Military Society, United Nation Associatio of america, member of United Nation Association of UK, Medical Doctor registered in USA Department of State by Federal Licence Document Number:N14000001568. FEI/EIN Number: 47-2782628. www.sunbiz.org


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